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Package: $19.99
Service: Unlimited Calls & Text 

Device: Smart Phone (Android)

Monthly Cost: $19.99 (inclusive of taxes)

Device Cost: FREE, provided the customer commits to a 6-month contract with Zisfone at $19.99/month

Terms of Service:

Service Provision: The Company agrees to provide Unlimited Calls, Text, and 10 GB Internet service to the Customer using the provided SIM card.

Payment: The Customer agrees to pay a monthly service fee of $19.99. Payments are required upfront for each billing cycle. In the event of non-payment, the service will be subject to disconnection. Unpaid balances may be referred to a debt collection agency in the United States for recovery.

Device Cost Recovery: The Customer will receive a smartphone valued at $100 for FREE. However, the customer is required to sign a 6-month contract. If the customer wishes to terminate the service before completing the 6 months, they must pay the remaining balance for the smartphone, which is $100, plus the total monthly payments due for the 6-month period ($19.99 x 6), and an additional $100 as a penalty for breaking the agreement.

Billing Cycle: The Customer will be billed monthly, and the payment will be due as per the billing cycle stated in the invoice.

Service Continuation
: After the initial 6-month period, the Customer can terminate the service without any penalty. Upon completion of the 6-month term, the Customer gains full ownership of the device and is free to leave the service without incurring any penalties.

Cancellation Policy:
The Customer agrees to a minimum service term of 6 months. Early termination requires payment of the device cost ($100), accumulated monthly service fees for the 6-month term, and a $100 penalty fee. After the 6-month term, the Customer may cancel the service at any time without penalty, per the Company's standard cancellation policy and terms.

Customer Consent: By signing below, the Customer:


Acknowledges understanding and agreement to the terms of service as outlined above. Agrees to the monthly charges and billing cycle as stated.



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