Portable Hotspot Titan FAQs

Your Ultimate Guide to Best Mifi Hotspot Device | Stay connected on-the-go with Best Mifi hotspot Titan Device! Discover everything you need to know about its setup, compatibility, and more in our comprehensive FAQS Guide.

What is Portable Hotspot Titan deivce?
Is Portable Titan Hotspot Device 4G?
Does it work without electricity?
Can I use it only in my home?
How many devices can I connect with Portable Hotspot Titan Device?
Can I use my own sim in Portable Hotspot Titan Device?
Is the Portable Hotspot Device included with the plan price?
Can I get data top up if I run out of internet?
What is the best Portable hotspot device?
Portable hotspot Titan device is the best hotspot device available. It is a 4G compatible device with a 3000mah battery. 2.4-inch touch screen and various screen options.
What is the difference between Wifi and a Portable Hotspot device?
Wi-Fi is a wireless communication technology. It is used for local area networks. A Portable Hotspot device is one that converts a data signal either received through esim or another phone and converts it to a Wi-Fi signal
Who uses Portable Hotspot Devices the most?
Travelers, business owners who are always on the roads, a big family, and anyone looking for a profitable alternative to Wi-Fi needs hotspot devices the most
Can a Portable Hotspot Device work without the internet?
No, the Portable hotspot device can not work without the internet. It uses a data signal to working
Do Portable hotspot devices have a battery?
Yes, all Portable hotspot devices come with a battery. The devices have batteries for different milliampere hour.
What is the difference between a Portable Hotspot Titan Device and a regular hotspot device?
A Portable hotspot Titan device is designed for international travelers and provides internet connectivity in multiple countries. A regular hotspot device is designed for domestic use and provides internet connectivity within a single country.
Can I use my smartphone as a Portable Mobile hotspot while traveling internationally?
Yes, you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot while traveling internationally, but this may result in expensive roaming charges. It is recommended to use a portable  hotspot device with a local data plan for more affordable and reliable internet connectivity.
Do I need to purchase a data plan for each country I visit?
No, you do not need to purchase a data plan for each country you visit. Choose a zisfone mifi hotspot device that offers coverage in the countries you plan to visit and choose a data plan that fits your needs and budget.
What happens if I exceed my data limit while using a Portable mobile hotspot device?
If you exceed your data limit while using a global mobile Portable hotspot device, you may incur additional charges or experience slower internet speeds. Check the data plans offered by the device’s carrier and choose a plan that fits your needs to avoid additional charges.
How can I get internet while on the road?

There are multiple ways to get internet while you are on the road. These ways include connecting via a public Wi-Fi, cellular network, mobile hotspot, satellite internet, or by having a dedicated hotspot device.

What is the best way to get internet while traveling?

We would recommend using a dedicated hotspot device since they work as a router and generates a Wi-Fi signal. You can also use it to connect several devices without worrying about battery drainage, signal strength, and the security of the connection. Hotspot devices require a cellular network with an activated data plan.

What is RV internet and how it differs from Hotspot device internet?

RV internet is the internet connection that is specifically used by RVers while traveling in their vehicles. it has multiple ways of being accessed and requires a typical data plan designed for RVers and travelers. Whereas a hotspot device can also work on regular data plans. RV internet is also a whole term used for accessing the internet while traveling. Whereas a hotspot device is just one method of using RV Internet. 

How much does portable Wi-Fi cost?

Portable Wi-Fi cost is averaged from $30-$100 per month. However, its cost depends on several factors including device features, and data plan. 

Do you need a SIM card for portable Wi-Fi?

Yes, you will be needing a SIM Card to access Portable Wi-Fi which is routed from a portable hotspot device. For any Wi-Fi device, you will be required to insert a SIM card in order to activate it and connect it to the internet. Such as Titan Wi-Fi hotspot device allows you to insert the SIM of any service provider or you can also use an E-SIM. 

Is a hotspot as good as Wi-Fi?

Both the Wi-Fi and Hotspot devices work to provide wireless internet access however they do have some differences. Wi-Fi network is set up in a fixed location such as in the home, office, or a specific public space. On the contrary, Hotspot is more convenient and portable since it only requires a device that could generate a Wi-Fi signal. It can be your smartphone or a dedicated hotspot device. Both provide relatively fast speeds and their working strength is entirely dependent on the service provider. 

Can I get Wi-Fi without an internet provider?

No, it’s generally not possible to get Wi-Fi without an internet service provider. Although Wi-Fi is a wireless network, but the network does require an internet connection to provide you access to the internet. 

How fast is portable hotspot device Wi-Fi?

The speed of all portable devices depends on several factors including the technology it uses for streaming and downloading and the service provider. 

How fast is the Titan Wi-Fi hotspot device speed?

Titan Wi-Fi hotspot devices work on 4G LTE Wireless technology speed to offer seamless streaming and fast loading time nationwide. 

Is Titan’s device 4G internet faster than satellite internet?

Yes, 4G LTE is faster than satellite internet. 4G LTE uses a cellular network that uses radio ways to transmit data which is why the process is faster. Whereas satellite internet used orbiting satellites which are latent and shows frequent delays during sending and receiving data because of the large distances between them. 

How strong is the Titan Wi-Fi hotspot device in the car?

Titan Wi-Fi hotspot device works on cloud technology and provides a 4G LTE signal. The device also comes with maximum coverage everywhere and provides a faster internet connection. Especially in Urban and suburban areas.

What is tethering vs hotspot and which among them is supported by Titan device?

Both tethering and hotspot are ways of sharing a mobile device’s internet connection with other devices. However, tethering requires a physical connection such as a cable or USB whereas the hotspot is a feature that turns a mobile device into a Wi-Fi access point. Titan device supports both but is specifically designed for hotspots. 

How long does 100GB of hotspot last?

100 GB of data is almost equal to unlimited data and last longer than one month. However, the usage depends on the type of activities you carry out.

Can I use unlimited data as a hotspot?

Yes, you can use unlimited data as a hotspot as long as your carrier ensures no limits have been added toward hotspot sharing or tethering. 

Is mobile data faster than a hotspot?

Both mobile data and a hotspot use the cellular network to provide access to the internet, considering this, both of them work at relatively same speeds. 

Can I use a Titan hotspot device instead of home internet?

Yes, you can use a Titan hotspot device for home internet, and considering your internet activities and data needs, you can choose a plan that is best suited for me. Just like home internet, the Titan device also allows you to connect up to 10 devices and enjoy seamless streaming and fast loading. 

How many GB of Titan Hotspot device is enough for me?

It depends on the amount of usage and the devices you would be connecting to it. If you have a small family and your task involve web browsing, emailing, communication, and less video streaming and downloading without any buffering and lagging, then 10GB of data is enough to take you through the month. However, for activities greater than these, you might consider going for more GBs

How many hours is 10GB of Titan hotspot device data plan?

A 10 GB data is 120 hours of browsing the internet and streaming 2000 songs or watching 20 hours of standard definition video

How long will 20 GB of Titan hotspot device data plan last watching Netflix?

Statistically, 20 GB of the internet will last strong for 20 hours of standard definition videos on Netflix but the number might vary depending on the video quality and length. 

What happens when I use 100% of the zisfone hotspot device-activated data plan?

Once you are near to using 100% of the data, you’ll be notified with a message and will be directed toward activating a new plan. You can activate the data plan of your choice directly through the website. 

Is a hotspot device better than a phone hotspot?

A hotspot device is a device dedicated to generating a Wi-Fi signal and allowing connectivity to multiple devices at once. Whereas using a phone hotspot is rooted to battery drainage and device damage. 

How long does a hotspot device last?

It entirely depends on the way you use a device and its quality. However, an average hotspot device has a life span of 3-5 years. 

How much data do 2 hours of hotspot use?

On average, a user spends anywhere from 60MB/hour to 810 MB/hour depending on the activities carried out on the devices.

What is 5G vs LTE and which among them is supported by Titan Hotspot device?

Both 5G and LTE are Wireless communication standards. LTE is a 4G wireless communication standard and is supported by the Titan hotspot device

Is a hotspot device safer than a Wi-Fi device?

The safety of these devices depends on the context in which they are used. However, hotspot devices are more personalized and safer to use

What causes high internet data usage?

Streaming High definition videos, and downloading larger files consume high data. 

Does the hotspot use more battery?

The Hotspot feature if turned on from the phone does drain the battery but a dedicated hotspot device does not use more battery since its featured differently.

Is Zisfone 100 GB hotspot data plan enough for gaming?

Yes, it is fairly enough for Online Gaming since it doesn’t consume as much data as it seems. 

What is the highest GB for hotspot that Zisfone offer?

Zisfone offers the highest 850 GB for its Titan Hotspot device. 

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